Renderings for Sporaarchitects | Metro Station in Oslo: 2nd Prize

A dreamlike landscape underground with views to the city above

We helped Hungarian Sporaarchitects in collaboration with Norvegian Austigard Arkitektur to express their vision of the interiors on the Fornebubanen-Skoyen Metro station Architectural Competition in Oslo.

Congratulation to the Design Team, it was hell of a lot of fun to work on this one!
Rendering Architectural Interior Visualizations
Bence FALUSSY Project Lead & Art Director
Dorka SOMLÓI | CG Director
Dávid MÜLLER | CG Director
Dániel OLÁH | CG Artist
Architects Sporaarchitects
Architects Austigard Architects
Article | Forbes: Díjnyertes állomásokat terveztek a négyes metrónak, most Norvégiába hívták a magyar építészeket
Article | Octogon: Metróállomás a norvég erdő közepén
Article | Daily News Hungary: Norwegian Architect Invites Hungarians to Design a Metro Station in Oslo

architectural visualization:

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