Luxury In Motion | Architectural Animation for BIF

Architectural animations shouldn’t be just walkthrough movies

We worked closely with BIF to create this wild new 3D Visualisation to impress elite buyers and real estate investors with a simple story.

Even when life gets boring, the luxury residential Attila 99 Loft will shake things up. Our new architectural animation intends to reflect the future customers’ personalities and leaves a vivid impression in the clients.

Time to open a bottle of Champagne, because visualizing architecture was never been this intense and vibrant to the team.

3D Architectural Animation
3D Architectural Rendering
Péter KOLLÁR | Lead CG Artist
Dima ZHAMOIDA | CG Artist
Róbert ANDRÉKÓ | CG Artist
Design | Sporaarchitects
Client | BIF
Project | Attila 99 Loft

Attila 99 Loft by Sporaarchitects
Architectural 3d Rendering Japanese interior
Attila 99 Loft Garden

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