Nieuw Zuid | Block 1-2

Nieuw Zuid is a housing development in the south of Antwerp overlooking the River Schelde. Since the the trans-shipment activities departed from the port in the 60s it was a deserted area. The opening of the new Palace of Justice and the renovation of the former customs house by the Bank of Breda in 2006 were the first momentum to the development of the site. Since spring 2010, the private developer Triple Living owns much of the land of Niuew Zuid. With approximately 2,000 new homes, new features and a large park Nieuw Zuid is to anticipate the current shortage of green and public facilities in the area, and the expected population growth in the next 15 years. The development is built in phases from north to south, so that the first parts getting ready are the ones being just next to the city. The full realization of Nieuw Zuid will take at least 15 years.

Masterplan: Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò
Designing of Public Spaces and Parks: Bureau Bas Smets & Arcadis 

Architects: Poponcini & Lootens | Atelier Kempe Thill | Robbrecht and Daem

ZOAs mission was to create a moving picture about the awakening of this deserted area. The architectural details and the vast amount of green were a joyful playground we used to test our virtual skills at. The storyboard was created by carefully choosing the best pictures that make up the atmosphere of dawn. Emphasizing by avoiding being kitchy – that was our attempt for a dance on the razor’s edge.

developer: Triple Living
music: Péter Sabák
architectural animation: ZOA

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