Palazzo Verde Animation | Amazing Residential Complex in Antwerpen

Creating an Imaginary World for Stefano Boeri Architetti

Proud to present a Triple Living project that is beautifully green. Stefano Boeri Architetti—world reknowned for Bosco Verticale—designed an amazing residential complex in Antwerpen at the Nieuw Zuid site.
We created a peaceful “living in green” athmosphere with slowly moving cameras, introducing beautiful nature scenes, and waving plants in the summer breeze that gives the impression of endless green.
3D Architectural Animation
Rendering Architectural Exterior Visualizations
Architectural Cinemagraphs
Dorka SOMLÓI | CG Director
Botond SASS | CG Artist
Developer | Nieuw Zuid
Article | Designboom: Palazzo Verde by Stefano Boeri is set to become Belgium’s Greenest Building
Article | ArchDaily: Stefano Boeri Designs the Greenest Apartment Building in Belgium
Article | Edilizia e TerritorioStefano Boeri sbarca in Belgio, ad Anversa nascerà il Palazzo Verde
Article | NiiProgetti: Stefano Boeri Architetti e il Palazzo Verde ad Anversa
Article | deArchitect: Antwerpen krijgt verticaal bos van Stefano Boeri 
Project site | Nieuw Zuid

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