Pulsating Universe

Merging Architecture with Conceptual Art in the East

As with any task you do for a long time, you get exponentially better at it. Especially if you’ve been doing said thing for almost two decades, like in the case of us doing architectural visualization. So while we try and constantly challenge our creative and technical skills when tackling a new project, it’s exhilarating when one comes along that truly forces us out of our comfort zone. 

A few years back we got the opportunity to visualize a piece of fine art instead of applied art. However, it would be remiss to say that this work involved no purpose. The Pulsating Universe is a sculpture envisioned by Swedish artist Leif Bolter for a governmental design competition in the East that is meant to be a stunning thought-provoker about the constant expansion and contraction of our universe. 

Being a ball of light illuminating an important highway juxtaposed with the calm desert, It also looks beautiful. We could easily imagine it as the next great landmark of the world.

Making matters more interesting, visualizing a project in the middle of a desert area comes with its own set of challenges. As the weather and the landscape are completely different from the ones we are used to in the West, the job required us to experiment with whole new colors, textures, backgrounds, lighting, and even matte painting techniques. The results are these oasis-like images that give off a radically different feeling compared to those set in cities. 

Speaking of oases, we also had to bring to life the surrounding landscaping design which was the other half of the proposition for the competition. The two halves of the project culminate in an overall look and feel that feels fresh and exciting not just in our portfolio but also in the world of architectural visualization.

Mastering the art of crafting expressive and aesthetic images for this territory, we can’t wait to work on other projects requiring our newly learned skillset, be it for still images or even animation.


Artist Leif Bolter

Project manager

Hajnalka Mühl


Mohammed Elnabarawy


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