Károly Róbert Boulevard | Office Buildings by Sporaarchitects

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY—We head to the Róbert Károly boulevard to see the latest competition-winning architecture from Sporaarchitects.

The aim was to create a sustainable green office building complex which reacts to its urban situation by creating a “Broadway situation” and an inner pedestrian shortcut through the block that is protected from the heavy traffic of the boulevard.

We’re so happy to get the news that they won the competition for a new office development in Budapest. We worked with an all-woman team of artists to create an amazing architectural visualisation that makes people falling in love with the design a lot easier.

3d Architectural Visualization and Rendering
Dorka SOMLÓI | CG Director
Krisztina SÁRDI | CG Artist
Design | Sporaarchitects
Octogon | Jól zárult az év a Sporaarchitects számára

Róbert Károly boulevard
Róbert Károly boulevard

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