Károly Róbert Boulevard | Office Buildings by Sporaarchitects

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY—We head to the Róbert Károly boulevard to see the latest competition-winning architecture from Sporaarchitects.

So happy to get the news that they won the competition for a new office development in Budapest.

The aim was to create a sustainable green office building complex which reacts to its urban situation by creating a “Broadway situation” and an inner pedestrian shortcut through the block that is protected from the heavy traffic of the boulevard.
3d Architectural Visualization and Rendering
Dorka SOMLÓI | CG Director
Krisztina SÁRDI | CG Artist
Design | Sporaarchitects
Octogon | Jól zárult az év a Sporaarchitects számára

Róbert Károly boulevard
Róbert Károly boulevard

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