We Teamed up with the Budapest Design Week

Architectural projects and real estate investments are visualizations only before the constructions begin. With the help of our renders and animations, the audiences become acquainted with the concepts more easily.

The issue that the projects ‘exist only visually’ in their early forms poses a unique problem in the field of architecture. Most industries have the possibility of developing and testing their products or services while manufacturing—and what is more, they are able to test them in their natural, real environment.

Therefore, it is essential for architectural visualizations and promotional movies to be aesthetic, appealing, and expressive enough to represent the investments or architectural competitions—their role is more than just marketing or sales.

This year, visitors of the Budapest Design Week get a chance to take a look at the life of ZOA, an international 3D visualization company. You can experience our live ‘image roasting session’ on the spot, and also have a chance to send your portfolio/images in advance which would be supervised by the studio’s art director.

An offline event only, with limited seats! Join us today for ZOA ROASTING DAY 2022 on Oct 12 in Budapest, Hungary! Register to attend: [email protected]

If you’d like to have a chance to get your image reviewed and roasted by some of our top creative leaders, send your image to [email protected] before Oct 7. (All images will be reviewed by our creative leaders who will pick out the bests.)

Stay tuned for important event updates and programming announcements. Check out our Facebook event.

First organised in 2004, Budapest Design Week was launched by the Hungarian Design Council with the aim of promoting the role design plays in the economy and society of our times, increasing trust in design, while offering a platform of communication for actors of the field. The festival offers a wide range of informative programs for the general audience, and organises events for the design profession for networking, presentations, education and knowledge exchange.

ZOA Studio is an architectural visualization company, producing architectural imagery and animations for well-known architects, and global real estate players. Working with some of the world’s top companies including Snøhetta, UNStudio, and Zaha Hadid Architects, we have completed over two hundred major projects in the past fifteen years creating many thousands of images, animations, and virtual reality projects.

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