Announcing the Shortlist for the Imagine Animation Contest

After receiving 50 talented applications and 19 official entries for the ZOA Imagine Contest, our team has selected the top five shortlisted artists.

Now, it’s time to unveil the names of the talented creators who will compete for the awards. Congratulations to them for their amazing applications and work!

Shortlisted Artists
Allen Christopher (India)
Kleber Moreira Vieira (Brazil)
Koycho Krachanov (Bulgaria)
Sady István (Hungary)
Vitaliy Morvanyuk (Ukraine)

All entries submitted are available on our YouTube channel

The winner and second place will be chosen by our esteemed jury, including our Head of Art Bence Falussy, Senior Artist Mariia Lazaryk, Lead Artist Róbert Andrékó, and Senior Project Manager Dorottya Tóth.

Join our hosts Samer, Dávid, Camilla, András, and Tamás as we announce the winners in a live stream on Instagram, scheduled for July 11, 1 PM CET.

During the live stream, we will also have a brief talk with the winner, providing insights into their creative process and the inspiration behind their outstanding animation.

Stay in touch on social media for updates and more creative challenges.


Let’s come together to celebrate the power of imagination and creativity!

ZOA Studio Team


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