MSI picks ZOA Studio as its Partner In Their Master Series

MSI and ZOA Studio

Our ever-going push towards video means that we are constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of the curve – that is where our new partner, MSi, came into play.

The tech giant contacted us last year to test some of their new PCs, displays, and their latest line of video graphics cards, the powerful RTX 4090 machines. 

With them being at the forefront of computational advancements and supporting artists, gamers, and creators for almost 40 years, we knew immediately that this collaboration would be the right match for us.

We haven’t looked back for a second ever since we started using their greatest technology yet: this state-of-the-art hardware provides us with a competitive edge by allowing us to cut back on render times, be more effective and creative with our tools, and achieve a higher level of photorealism in our architectural animations. We couldn’t be happier with our partnerships as it has helped us tremendously in our video creation efforts. 

Check out our behind-the-scenes video on how we collaborate and shape the future of architectural visualization together.


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