Palazzo Verde Animation | Amazing Residential Complex in Antwerpen

Creating an Imaginary World for Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri Architetti—world reknowned for Bosco Verticale—designed an amazing residential complex in Antwerpen at the Nieuw Zuid site. It was the first project in Belgium signed by the designer.

Proud to present a Triple Living project.

We created a peaceful “Living in Green” athmosphere with slowly moving cameras, introducing beautiful nature scenes, and waving plants in the summer breeze that gives the impression of endless green.

We thought that it was very important to have at the center of New Zuid district a new green spot that, whether in the courtyard or on roofgardens, hosts a relevant amount of trees and shrubs and gives back oxygen to the city. We are very satisfied with this first project of ours in Belgium, that shows how even a small residential building can offer to its inhabitants and to the citizens of the neighborhood an unexpected quality of green spaces and social activities”, Stefano Boeri comments.

The building has 67 apartments with private terraces, and the façades’ design that have both balconies and loggias.

3D Architectural Animation
Rendering Architectural Exterior Visualizations
Architectural Cinemagraphs
Dorka SOMLÓI | CG Director
Botond SASS | CG Artist
Project | Triple Living
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