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Reshaping an American Metropolis Into a Green and Livable Hub

A few years back we were tasked by a long-time collaborator to bring a design of theirs to life that was to be entered into a competition aiming to reshape an industrial downtown into a green and livable hub. 

After multiple iterations, we’ve finally landed on a set of visuals that accurately showcase the promise of the site: a complex that gives locals ample space to create, work, relax, and party in a sustainable lifestyle and office hub that integrates seamlessly into the urban tissue with a tramline running through it and neighboring skyscrapers connecting to it. A huge park next to it will also be made even bigger by pushing it over the nearby highway, hiding heavy traffic under a layer of greenery. 

While we were given a pretty detailed 3D model to work with, turning it into a visual representation that does justice to the architects’ vision required extensive modeling duties nonetheless: we had to sprinkle tiny design details throughout the project, create a whole cityscape for context in our aerial shots, and dream up lively interior scenes that could be seen behind the windows of the facade.

Fortunately, we are an international studio not just in mentality but in methods as well. Over our nearly 20 years of existence, we’ve cultivated a super organized and client-friendly workflow that has proven universal in its application, geographical differences be damned. Our winning recipe is that we always create multiple variations of an image after receiving suggestions on themes and must-have features.

This plug-and-play approach to delivering projects means that our experimentative process is virtually unchanged whether we are handling real estate developments or architectural concepts for wildly different markets all over the world from Europe through America to Asia.

This is our first public outing with this renowned design firm after three years of continuous work across twenty or so individual projects. By the time we got around to doing this visualization, we managed to make use of our fruitful long-term partnership by finetuning our approach, streamlining our workflow, and creating tailor-made visual presets so that we can work faster and more efficiently when an exciting new opportunity lands in our laps. 

Establishing trust early on was a key aspect that benefited both parties since if there’s no need to re-establish our expertise and commitment, we can start the technical and creative processes immediately. A great workflow is one where there is no misunderstanding on the client side as to what image complexity they can expect during each production phase and what each iteration will evolve into. For example: by looking at a rough sketch, our partner already knows the next step and can already picture the final result only by seeing a vision of it. 

Our goal in the future is to strengthen our relationships with our clients even further, establishing open and smooth communication and building a rock-solid foundation for our collaborations that always results in satisfaction on both sides with each new project – we are consciously aiming to keep up this level of commitment in the long term.   

The knowledge that our efforts and methods are understood and highly appreciated by top studios motivates us to work tirelessly and bring our absolute A-game to the table so we can be leading partners for the best architecture and real estate players.






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