Incredible Small Homes Carved Into a Mountain in Norway

The bright Daleveien street is located in Sandnes, a colorful little town lived by more than eighty thousand Norwegians who are lucky enough to experience the benefits of living by the sea every day.

With a privileged view to the North Sea and the idyllic mountains nearby, the development consists of three tiny houses on three levels, hidden and carved into the rock to provide a luxurious life in sync with nature.

Although the buildings might seem small, their opportunities are huge. All of them are open to the riverside that naturally creates a sense of freedom for the owners, while the intimate terraces give privacy to the properties.

Our exterior moods and interior renderings were designed with all the selling points and exclusivity in mind. They are focusing to represent the built architecture and to communicate the four main benefits and convenience of the development: design, intimacy, luxury and the one-of-a-kind connection with nature.

This small package provides enough opportunities and potential for an upcoming real estate campaign. With these two exteriors and interior renderings we were able to show the impressive architecture, the luxurious, spacious feeling inside and the gorgeous view from the bedroom to impress future owners on many platforms.


Sandnes, Norway




Róbert Andrékó
Balázs Balogh
Péter Kollár


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