Bundha Sports Centre

Introducing Australia’s First Vertical Multi-Use Sports Centre in Melbourne

CO-OP Studio’s latest architectural project offers a possible solution to the lack of sporting facilities in Melbourne, particularly in the city of Yarra.

The innovative vertical design for the centre consists of four multi-purpose courts for highball sports, like futsal or volleyball, a gymnasium, a café and lounge area, community facilities, changing rooms, foyer, and reception.

We wish we could see in person how the swarm of players, coaches, companies, and fans from Melbourne take possession of the new field. The construction started in mid-June, so it is only a few seasons until the opening.

CO-OP’s architects were committed to creating a safe, accessible, and inclusive building that provides great opportunities for physical activities, professional training, and well-being.

Besides creating 250 new jobs in the city, the project ensures a better infrastructure and facilities for residents and Melbourne’s wider community that is inevitable for prospering and staying healthy.

The jaw-dropping new sports centre is part of the Government’s plan for the iconic Fitzroy Gasworks Precinct to create a thriving new neighborhood that will be the home of more than one thousand families.

Its remarkable design and material usage—mixing wooden pieces with the metal facade—dares to be different, therefore, looks pretty amazing on our visualizations.

Creating five remarkable renderings—both interiors and exteriors—that stand out and impress the city council is a difficult task even if we receive very detailed inputs from the client. Completing a task and making our clients satisfied does not only depend on our teams’ artistic skills and expertise, it is mainly about our devotion towards our profession and raising our creative bar.

We feel that every second of every overtime, while we were working on the Bundha Sports Centre images, was worth it. And we also believe it is worth it for you to check the final results.


Melbourne, Australia



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Péter Kollár
Botond Sass


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