HÅVN Residential Building Nieuw Zuid Antwerpen


Architectural Animation for Triple Living

Architect Johannes Norlander is a big name in Sweden. It was the first time with HÅVN, that he designed outside of his national borders.

The River Schelde dominates in the design, which adds transparency and light to the front facade. The building is perpendicularly oriented to the stream, and is arranged so that each apartment has a maximum view towards the water.

Large windows from floor to ceiling bring the daylight deep into the living spaces. Pure lines and Scandinavian solidity mix up at the most beautiful location in Antwerp.

Swedish architects and Triple Living have created an extraordinary concrete building.

While working on this animation we were fascinated by the many faces of raw concrete surfaces and how mood and colors—the atmosphere and appearance of a building can change so quickly thanks to weather conditions.

We captured those magic moments by using time-lapse HDRI.

Johannes Norlander sits down with Triple Living and talks about the beauty of the project, the design and why Antwerpen is a unique location for the building.


Antwerpen, Belgium



Dorka Somlói



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