Snohetta's design proposal for the KaDeWe Department Store in Vienna Austria daylight interior atrium

KaDeWe Department Store

Architectural Animation for KaDeWe Design Competition

Parks and gardens can provide an escape from the day-to-day rush. As we become more urban, a desire to include nature in our lives is growing.

That’s why Snohetta added lots of greenery to their design proposal for the KaDeWe Department Store. Located on the top floor one may find green spots to take a rest on benches and walk through perfectly manicured vegetation with your shopping bags.

Vienna used to be labeled as the ‘City of Music’ due to its enduring love affair with chords and melodies. Snohetta’s proposal could have been a great inspiration for Mozart.

Or it was listening to Strauss along their architectural planning process that led their hands to create this beautiful atrium?

The architectural proposal for the new KaDeWe department store received the 2nd prize in the design competition organized by the developer SIGNA.

Fly through the whole retail store in the architectural animation and enjoy.


Vienna, Austria





Bence Falussy
Péter Kollár
Samer Saniour


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