Blending Animation with Illustration to Sell Helsinki’s Newest Residential Property

Arguably, children are best brought up in safe and serene environments where they get to enjoy nature and socialize with other kids. At the same time, parents need to be close to the “action” as managing family life and working at the same takes enough effort on its own without having to drive miles to the office every day.

The solution: turning underutilized areas of big cities into inviting suburbs that allow people to lay down roots and balance their lives.

One such place is the Kaskelanrinne development on the outskirts of Helsinki, a city always in need of providing more space for its ever-growing number of residents. Situated in the middle of a green forest, the project consists of several buildings of different shapes and sizes that make a colorfully eclectic site, perfect in function and overall vibe for new families looking to settle down in a family-friendly, yet hip environment.

Our job as a visualization company was to showcase not only one building but the whole development through the power of photo-real animation.

Speaking of family-friendly yet hip, this particular duality presented us with the biggest challenge of this project that we were excited to tackle. Targeting families is one thing, targeting young adults is another—but doing both simultaneously? That’s always an interesting creative task.

Initially, we came up with two distinct visual concepts for families and young people separately. The former revolved around partly representing the site as an enlarged set of wooden playing blocks that references the world parents suddenly step into when having a child. The latter idea, while equally playful, was not really about the lifestyle but the happy and ever-young vibes these homes aim to provide—to this end, we envisioned the animation merging the 3D visuals with 2D graphics design of scribbles enveloping the scenes.

Combining this wholly unique graphical style with the wooden block idea meant a rock-solid foundation for a message that puts young parents, their situation, and specific needs front and center.

Experimenting with a technique uncommon in typical visualization animations allowed us to grab the attention even more. It’s pretty topical that by completing this project we’ve learned a valuable lesson like children do when reading a fairy tale: it pays dividends to try out different leftfield ideas until to find the perfect solution that is just as strategically airtight as it is extremely exciting to make.


Helsinki, Finland


Péter Kollár
Ilus Varga


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