KAV Aluminium Product Launch

KAV Aluminium

Glass Optics for Perfection

By completely rethinking the popular tilt-turn window and balcony door structure, the Optivision product line made to meet the needs of elite buyers and design lovers all around the world. Especially for those who have a calm and luxurious hideaway in Switzerland.

Take a look at our first image in cooperation with KAV Hungária, launched worldwide.

Slyvision is the world’s most flexible sliding door movement mechanism, developed by the KAV engineering team in Hungary.

Forget what you’ve thought about sliding doors so far. The tropical paradise can be now your living room. Introducing KAV’s innovation, where you can decide the direction in which you move your sliding door wings.

The Dream product line provides unlimited freedom to move your doors and windows wherever you want by forming a customized rail system.





Samer Saniour
Botond Sass


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