Universität Klagenfurt

Snøhetta Wins Competition for the Masterplan of Klagenfurt's New Institute Building

We’re very proud to announce our first major competition-winning project alongside our long-standing partner Snøhetta Innsbruck. This successful proposal for the University of Klagenfurt competition creates a new link between the bustling city of Klagenfurt and the tranquil lakeside of Wörthersee in southern Austria. The design aims to integrate the new solar-powered university building into this magical woodland covered area by making sure that the new landscape elements bear valuable ecological features.

The area has no shortage of fun and practical spaces: nearby, you can find plazas, event and recreational spaces, an amphitheatre, water features and outdoor learning spaces. 

The two new additions to the existing complex clearly border the site and highlight the main access to the original building that you can see in the centre of the image. The old and new public outdoor spaces and their sustainable soft landscaping merge into something extraordinary.

We simply must talk about the perfection that these images hold. To create an amazing aerial image without holding drone photos in our hands is always challenging, but with tools like SketchUp or Google Earth and the true talent of our artists we can build up a completely authentic 3D environment around the core building that is equally realistic and charming as a photo. There is no better proof of this capability than the fact that with our images Snøhetta had won the competition.

The design process with Snøhetta this time was extremely simple and satisfying. As a result of having our amazing artists work on the images, the comment rounds were short and the few changes that were requested were easy to implement. We felt that Snøhetta truly entrusted us with this project which also contributed to taking the first place.


Klagenfurt, Austria



Bence Falussy