Biophilic Design Takes Center Stage in Contemporary Living

In current times, possessions mean less and less, even among the wealthy. The most sought-after thing money can buy is an experience. As people strive for more natural environments, the luxury landscape falls in line as well, emphasizing sensory-rich materials, clutter-free interior spaces, and timeless quality all around.   

The L’Arbre 27 development in Seoul’s booming Samseong-dong district aims to go a step further and achieve aesthetic innovation through what we call biophilic design. 

This principle is built on the idea of blurring the lines between the outdoors and indoors by integrating greenery, light, and water into the interior spaces where people spend most of their time.

This unorthodox way of developing a residential building meant that the campaign built around it had to be unique as well. 

Our objective was to develop a conceptual animation that would serve as a teaser for the upcoming L’Arbre 27 project, highlighting the mood of the development instead of its actual design. But that didn’t mean that our animation had no connection to the proposed building, on the contrary: our avant-garde process involved the cutting up and rearranging of the 3D masterplan to form abstract representations of each different inner space. 

This experimental way of working made it possible for us to think in theoretical concepts, creative ideas, and associative images, ultimately letting compositions dictate what each scene should look and feel like. 

We played with the simulated dance of light and dark, referenced the modular nature of the design with cubic elements, and tinkered with the form and weight of each material used. 

With this project, we collaborated closely with a composer to craft the music composition and sound design as well. It was essential to ensure that the score was an integral part of the overall experience, complementing the story and visual elements. As with the images, the creative process was built on intuition rather than following classical preconceptions of what the music of an architectural visualization should sound like.  

As lasting first impressions go, we believe this is our most impressive animation to date where we could showcase how we can transcend the supposed limits of real estate marketing with the power of motion.  


Seoul, South Korea

Creative Direction


Bence Falussy
Matteo Piccini
Róbert Andrékó


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