In Cooperation with UNStudio's Gifted Architects

Lewisham Gateway

In Cooperation with UNStudio's Gifted Architects

Recreating a local area with high-quality buildings and major infrastructure improvements is a great way to provide a new heart for a city. Lewisham Gateway is one of the largest refurbishment projects in south east London. Located just 10 kms from Piccadilly Circus it is developing a unique image to attract people into the site and solve housing needs in the neighborhood. In total, the development will deliver around 900 new homes, as well as new retail, restaurant, and commercial spaces, a much-improved transportation and road system.

What you’re seeing in the images is the development of a multi-functional complex, designed by a full-service architecture design network UNStudio and led by Muse Developments. To present the charm of their architecture, you have to look closely at each of the individual architectural profiles, considering and reflecting the area’s architectural heritage, providing maximum daylight and privacy to the future home owners by formal diversity and material richness. The aim was to create an attractive location that is vibrant and inclusive for all visitors. UNStudio has used a broad and compelling color palette and worked with gradient panels. Shiny gold surfaces will give an additional luxurious look and create a nice light glare while you’re walking by the buildings.

Architectural visualization should awake emotions so it was quite important to create the right atmosphere in our 3d renderings. Typically most architectural visuals show light blue skies and perfect green trees, but doing a typical London-after-rain mood is always a challenge. Adding some drama to the renderings by using dark clouds and raindrops in dynamic night shots is a little magic in daily routine. Thanks to UNStudio and their gifted architects for powering our visualization company through to create the right atmosphere of this megapolis.

The first phase of Lewisham Gateway has now been completed in London, including the construction of the first buildings along with major infrastructure improvements, like a new public park, ground-floor shops, children’s play space, and restaurants. On-site construction has now begun for the final phase in autumn, which includes the construction of 649 homes for rent, office and working spaces, and leisure facilities with co-working spaces, a gym and the district’s first major multiplex cinema. Backed by long-term investors, Lewisham Gateway will provide a safe, private, and vibrant new place to live, while also helping to address London’s housing challenge.

The completion of the final phase of Lewisham Gateway is anticipated in 2023.


London, United Kingdom




Balázs Balogh
Bence Falussy
Botond Sass
Timofey Tikhonov
Dzmitry Zhamoida


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