Népliget Railway Station

Competition-Winning Architectural Visualizations for Sporaarchitects

Each year we collaborate with numerous young architects, property agencies and real estate developers who are on the verge of world fame to help them create incredible architectural visualizations.

Spora, for example, is the perfect match for ZOA. Not only because of the accidental rhyme in our company names, but because of the similar approach and attitude when it comes to working on a project.

Every time, they have confidence in our team, are open to any of our suggestions, and let us freely explore the design in question. In addition, by being able to look at the project from a fresh perspective, and to experiment with shapes and edges without limits, we can do what we are the best at: providing high-quality architectural renderings that have a little twist either in composition or in lighting.

Transportation hubs in any city might hardly be visible and yet play an increasingly crucial part in urban life. ZOA realized the importance and the artistic possibilities of a buzzing station along the creative process, therefore contributed to Spooraarchitect’s latest competition-winning architectural proposal for the Budapest Development Centre (BFK) and the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIF), namely, the third new railway stop on the Southern Circular Railroad in Budapest.

The city and Spora have a fascinating history with the M4 subway line developments, recognized and awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Archdaily and Architizer.

The new Népliget Railway Station had to find its place between Népliget (or People’s Park) and the high-traffic downtown and will become one of the most important transportation hubs of the city.

The primary goal was to provide a fast transfer option between suburban train lines, coaches, the M3 subway and the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in the future.

It’s also important to note that the development will become a hip passage between the subway line and the Népliget, with pop-up boutiques, newspaper stands and coffee shops.

By placing the new railway station around one of the biggest public parks, designers had a chance to highlight the importance of the strong relationship between citizens and nature. By mixing concrete and grass on the ground, gently merging the surfaces and blurring the edges between the park and the station, we could emphasize the connection between nature and urban blocks even more.

Taking part in the design competition as an architectural visualization company and help Spora’s young and enthusiastic architects win the contest was a real challenge and honor. 

We can hardly wait to see how the new Népliget Railway Station is going to reshape the way people commute.


Budapest, Hungary




Péter Kollár
Dániel Oláh
Fabio Tavola


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