Office development building Amsterdam night glass transparent windows

New Media Headquarters

Architectural Visualizations for WOMO Architects

In 2019, we had the opportunity to visualize WOMO Architects’ beautiful architecture for the New Media Headquarter and the Span Building in South-East Amsterdam.

Months after, we’re still working together. When we recently asked to visualize their new office development, they were searching for a new architectural visualization company that makes people immediately fall in love with their image.

The blue hour is a treasure for our architectural visualization studio by giving opportunities to play with gentle reflections.

Inspired by an alternative approach WOMO Architects designed a second life for the Span Building in Amsterdam.

By adding two volumes on top of the existing cores the building becomes fully circular and connects the three volumes at the top and bottom.

Sun down.

Lights up.


Amsterdam, Netherlands



Péter Kollár


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