Otterbech Kvartalet

New Development Represents the Playfulness of the Evergreen Scandinavian Design

When planning a trip, even only for a short or long period of time, to Norway, temperature-related questions are among the first ones that arise, especially if someone is not used to a mild oceanic climate with rainy winters and chilly summers.

Take a look at the Otterbeck Kvartalet project’s images and let them convince you that Stavanger—despite the strange weather conditions—is one of the coolest places to live.

This time, let us guide you to the country’s third largest city to discover how this unique, friendly-looking residential development adds variety and spices up the epic natural beauty of the Norwegian fjords.

The city of Stavanger is getting three new residential buildings with large windows and 38 brand new apartments in a calm environment, only a quick bike ride away from the city centre, that is more vibrant and is full of experiences and opportunities for local citizens.

The designers were inspired by the colours and materials used in the neighbourhood, and gave a little twist to the wooden claddings, therefore they decided to give each building a different colour. This way, the newly built residential at the same time stands out from the neighbourhood, and fits into that perfectly.

Is it the evening lights twinkling over the area that caught your attention at first, or the picturesque view over the Stora Stokkavatnet? The shimmering fjords, or the playfulness of the ever-present Scandinavian design? We fell in love with this project because of all these.

We are proud to say that Ensign is one of our most beloved partners, we’ve enjoyed every single project with them so far, and this time, it wasn’t any different.

Thanks to our long-time collaboration, we are familiar with their approach and the required aesthetics, as well as the specialties of Scandinavian real estate developments that enable both sides a smooth workflow and nice outcome.

We decided to create a wide package with more than fifteen exterior and interior images that perfectly emphasize this unique venue and make you want to be a proud owner of one of these apartments.


Stavanger, Norway



Brandsberg-Dahls Arkitekter


Bernadett Madudák
Dorottya Tóth


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