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Discover Chris Precht’s Exclusive Beach-Side Wooden Hotel

Chris Precht, and his warm, extraordinary team nestled in the enchanting Austrian Alps. From this breathtaking location, his studio embarks on projects that celebrate the values of sustainability, green architecture, low carbon footprint, and a profound connection to nature.

In a world with pressing challenges like global warming and biodiversity loss, Chris Precht and his team offers hope through smart design and innovative architectural ideas. Drawing inspiration from the majestic surroundings of the Alps, they embrace a shift in perspective, recognizing our interdependence with nature and weaving it seamlessly into their projects.

He is a young visionary, driven by an inner child’s curiosity to create better buildings and places, always questioning the status quo. After winning numerous national and international awards, he quickly joined the new generation of architects that truly make a difference. His character shines through in his architecture, breaking free from monotony and conformity.

His studio cherishes both small and large-scale projects, finding innovation and inspiration in every endeavour with a profound love for nature and wooden design, seeking to create a harmonious balance between the built and natural environments.

Our collaboration began with a single direct message from him on Instagram. Fast forward a year, and now we have an exceptional bond with Chris Precht, establishing our own rules from the beginning and crafting a distinct service for his studio.

Prior to this seaside project, we received a comprehensive brief, followed by a four-day silence where we independently conceived and autonomously delivered a whole visual package. This contained approximately twenty renderings that fully captured the wooden project, encompassing portraits, landscapes, aerials, details, and close-ups.

Such unrestricted creative freedom and trust have never been witnessed in our history. However, it undeniably proves advantageous for both Chris and our team, as it eliminates the burden of getting lost in details or enduring weeks of iterative feedback while avoiding the pressure to condense all messages into two or three images.

Consequently, we created more renderings within a short production time, leaving both parties satisfied.

It is always an honour to work alongside Studio Precht, and we are grateful for their commitment to creating extraordinary never-seen structures that not only elevate our built environment but also enrich our daily work at the studio with excitement and innovation.

As an architectural visualization company, we are tasked with not only conceiving memorable images about the design but also effectively communicating the architect’s vision. It is crucial to present concepts and ideas in a comprehensive manner, leaving no stone unturned in finding the perfect visual compositions to effectively transform all the key elements and features of the development.

To achieve this, we must embrace a diverse array of rendering techniques, showcasing our designs through an expansive range of images. From captivating aerial shots that provide a holistic perspective, to meticulously crafted detail shots that highlight key design elements and materials up close, we must leave no aspect unexplored. But let us not forget the value of portrait shots, perfectly suited for prints and social media, and the enchanting allure of moving cinemagraphs that add a touch of uniqueness to the website.

Additionally, we must engage viewers with eye-level images that elicit a life-like feeling, enabling them to seamlessly envision themselves at the beach. Furthermore, incorporating lifestyle images will showcase the future inhabitants’ interactions within the project, infusing our visuals with vitality and making the project real.

As Chris engaged with juries and members of the city councils for this wooden hotel project, we were faced with the challenge of captivating their imagination and persuading them to see the extraordinary potential of Studio Precht’s designs.

In this pursuit, the power of compositions, atmosphere, and lighting could not be overstated. We had to harness the full spectrum of our visual tools to create a vibrant image package that showcased the function, design, and future allure of the architect’s creation.

Through a carefully curated collection of renderings, we had the opportunity to transport our audience into a world where the design and place truly came to life, immersing them in the beauty and serenity of the wooden hotel nestled along the coastline.





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Bence Falussy
Mariia Lazaryk
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