Prime Park Offices

Group Dyer Designs Office Tower on Leningradsky Avenue

Moscow has been undergoing a massive programme of urban renewal before the pandemic to make the city more liveable and this rapid growth triggered a boom in the development of new premium-class office buildings and offices serving these companies.

As developers and architects have been racing to meet the rising demand for modern office spaces in recent years, Dyer has been responsible for numerous breakthrough developments in the capital of Russia. By looking at these you’ll see that they are more gifted than some of the largest corporations and they have an enormous appetite to leave their mark on contemporary architecture.

The rounded tower, created by the multi-award-winning British architectural studio, combined minimalism with hi-tech solutions, glass and metal lamellas with natural stone materials. With its 19 floors, the building has cafes, recreational areas, dining rooms, open terraces and an underground garage with 185 parking spaces.

As the concept was part of the large Prime Park complex, it was essential that the new business centre would be in harmony with the surrounding area, current pedestrian paths, parks and buildings that are going to be built in the near future.

Years after our renderings were made, Dyer had to revive the building and reinvent it as a residential tower on the same site.


Moscow, Russia



Samer Saniour
Mohammed Elnabarawy



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