Architectural Rendering for Architektur Hürzeler

Sketching isn’t as hard as it looks despite the fact, that there are infinite ways to set the mood for your image right.

To achieve perfection, absorb as much of the briefing material as you can and then put it aside so that you can focus on delivering the ‘right message’ without constant restrictions.

Choose a reference image that reflects the mood you’d like to achieve.

Setup the model without worrying too much about details, but get the main materials and elements right.

Constantly check interactive rendering for colors, light and composition.

Now comes the tricky part, photoshop the hell out of your render and light elements to match the reference you picked.

And most importantly: do everything in 1000px to make sure you really ignore the details.


Zürich, Switzerland


Architektur Hürzeler


Bence Falussy


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