Introducing a Proposal for the New Corporate University in Vyksa

Vyksa is one of the oldest centers of the metallurgical industry in Russia, founded all the way back in 1757. Its unique geographical location—not far from the Volga-river, a main transport artery of the country—creates an ideal breeding-ground for a small and talented design firm to stand out.

The subject of the Citys’ recent architectural competition was not only to build a new Corporate University, but to improve the surrounding areas which included landscaping works and also the improvement of the local road infrastructure.

Last year, we had the pleasure of partnering with Irina Bardakhanova and Nicholas Champkins which resulted in the creation of this simple yet magical animation about their radical and progressive architectural proposal.

Our work relationship with Bardakhanova Champkins started back in September, 2020. By the end of the year, we were ready to start the work so we sat down with a pen and paper (we still like writing things out) and discussed a few insane ideas, just so in the end we could come up with something extraordinary for their Anglo/Russian design practice.

Among our main goals were to show off the Universities’ interesting zig-zag rooftop structure and also to present to the viewers the vast diversity of materials they’ve incorporated into their design. This characteristic building most certainly gives a “sense of coolness” to the visitors, especially with the presence of the high-tech robotics and contemporary technology that resides in it.

Making a great architectural animation—especially for a new client—is always challenging yet needless to say hugely rewarding in the end. This time we had to make sure that it was not only an artistic movie to wow architects, but we also intended to help the jury experience the overall natural aura of the design. Having that smooth transition from the outside world of the trees that embrace the university—to the insides of the modern building, yet managing to preserve that “being in the woods” feel—is what we wanted to achieve.


Vyksa, Russia


Corporate University

Plot size

44 484 sqm


Mohammed Elnabarawy
Samer Saniour
Botond Sass


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