Robbrecht en Daem’s Red-Stone Residential Building Entrance Street View


An Epic Ever-Shifting Commerical for a Triple Living Project

Triple Living has become our close collaborator on numerous residential projects over the years. We have watched their company evolve into a premium real estate pioneer that always approached things differently, in a good way.

Guided by well-known architects, Zuiderhuis is now ready to enhance public awareness about Nieuw Zuid, a new residential district in Antwerpen, Belgium.

On our joint journey with Triple Living, we’ve met some great thinkers of the project to discuss its future effects in the old town and perceive the remarkable triangle-shaped design of Robbrecht en Daem next to the river Schelde.

Antwerpen is a noisy place with an overwhelming street soundtrack that follows you from house to house, but Zuiderhuis’ mission is part of a wider programme to restore the area and turn it into a peaceful green neighborhood which is giving locals a well-deserved silence.

The mantra that ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts‘ has echoed in our ears through the whole creation process. Architects decided here to turn the place into a unique environment by collecting little ‘pieces’ from the city and form a beautiful whole, just like in an ever-shifting kaleidoscope—a slight change and all patterns alter.

When we received a call two years ago, we could never have imagined that Belgium’s red-stone residential project would one day end up as one of our wildest animation works.

For inspiration during this time, we looked back to some references to the kaleidoscope that defined our surrealist mirror-style illusion. Dark, the addictive supernatural Netflix show, was a big inspiration and key influence along the way. We all loved its first trailer in 2017.

At first, it was hard because little movements and red color rule the whole concept that makes our work a bit more experimental in phase one. Happily, our partners had faith in us completely and almost all ideas—including the electronic beats—were accepted and implemented to the film immediately.


Antwerpen, Belgium


Landcape design


Róbert Andrékó
Botond Sass


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