Reverie | Animated Short by ZOA 3D Rendering Studio

We made this 3D architectural animated short as an experiment focusing strongly on the Story and the experience of the audience. During our first cooperation with Creative Director Ferenc Benesch we reshaped the process of architectural filmmaking inside ZOA.

We think of this short movie as a very specific milestone in our lives.

Any film is a sequence of images cushioned by the sound of music and the voices of the actors resonating in our ears. However what you appreciate in reality and what you remember of it in the deepest sense is the Story with a capital S. The very fabric of filmmaking.
Bence FALUSSY | CG Director
Ferenc BENESCH | Creative Director
Attila GÁL | Copywriter
Omie MOMOH | Voiceover
Dávid HEGYI | Music
Published | Ads of the World
Daily Short Pick | Filmshortage
Published | Ronen Bekerman

animation, showreel, architectural visualization, architecture, shortfilm: ZOA Studio


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