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Sharing CO-OP Studio's Design Enhanced With Our Renderings

After 55 years of fulfilling its duties, the highly appreciated Caufield Memorial Pool’s story—in the heart of Glen Eira—has come to change. The time now has come for a complete redevelopment of the swimming and leisure center, where many generations grew up, to be able to serve the Australian community the same way it used to, but in a more funky way.

CO-OP Studio was appointed directly by the Council to take care of the modernization of the complex. The architecture firm has deep roots in the country and proven their experience in designing aquatic centers and multi-sport complexes, so there is no doubt that a new chapter is coming in the life of the swimming center.

Hereby, we are sharing their detailed design enhanced with our renderings, created for the proposal of the new all-year-round facility in Melbourne that provides more water-based opportunities to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of local citizens.

CO-OP spent a lot of time imagining the future for the red brick Carnegie Swim Centre working closely with the city and its community. Based on the work we’d done for the Spencer Cricket Centre and Maranatha School, last November we were asked to join the team and help them again with a handful of photo-real architectural visualizations.

Months after our first exterior images were delivered, they also encouraged us to think about filming the concept. This is how the first version of a 40 seconds long preview was born, which happened to be convincing enough that the client asked us to start from scratch and create an even longer script. So the real challenge was to rewrite an already approved and well-developed concept, but leaving our fondness towards our happiest Italian co-workers, we still believe that the result speaks for itself.

When entering the world of architectural renderings, there is always a chance to discover and realize something that hasn’t existed before. Poetically saying, we can leave a mark on this world and be a part of something new. Even in post-production, the tiny details and lighting changes seem to be a never-ending process.

Animation is completely different: full of motion, experimenting with camera movements, compositions and transitions to achieve the perfect edit, without worrying about the details. So let us take the opportunity to congratulate Fabio on his very first animation and to Matteo who created the solid base with previous exterior and interior renderings in the first round.

Enjoy our visuals and see how it looks when two amazing Italians join forces. Also, don’t forget to check back into Glen Eira for news and updates.

The project’s, honoring the original name of the facility, ‘Memorial Swimming Pool’ estimated time to be complete is early 2023.

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