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New Children’s Hospital by Lequertier Adamski Architectes

An architects’ essence is predominantly to create aesthetically pleasing buildings. However, our partner, Lequertier Adamski Architectes in cooperation with Ambrus Evva also both aim to find perfect harmony when designing and adding a modern hospital building located right next to a Neo-Gothic castle that functions as the hospital today, all integrated into the natural settings of a woodland. 

Coming up with a design concept for the new children’s hospital in Paris, it was a major concern to take into consideration its main function as a hospital but also its immediate environment. The reason being, how a well-designed health care institution can actually have healing properties, which is needless to say bears with massive importance for the recovering little ones and their families.

Look to the future with us as we unveil our latest architectural rendering for a clinic in Les Loges-en-Josas near Paris with the purpose to help children in need,  providing them with a new, state of the art building, green outdoors and tranquil surroundings.

During the visualization process, we were given the opportunity to experiment with different angles and lighting and eventually came up with the most charming images. Working together with our client we assisted them in reaching their goal by creating the ideal environment for children to heal and here, at ZOA, we are very proud to have taken part in this great cause.


Paris, France


Lequertier Adamski Architectes
Ambrus Evva


Mohammed Elnabarawy
Bence Falussy


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