Hirzenpark Residential

ZOA Studio presents Hirzenpark development in Uzwil, Switzerland

Last year, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Imagina once again, creating a remarkable animation to promote a new large-scale Swiss residential development in Uzwil, located between the cities of St. Gallen and Winterthur.

Our job was to introduce Hirzenpark and provide a pleasant short film that gives insight to future residents into the project, allowing them to form a personal connection with the development.

The complex—from modern apartments to cozy studios—offers a peaceful life and green environment for families, couples, the older generation, and young singletons. The Uzwil project was based on the values of sustainable architecture, thus fulfilling the demands of a low-impact and ecologically sound construction also.

In former Zoom discussions, our client kept emphasizing their eco-friendly and green approach. This was enough for us, and so the seed was planted in our minds.

We wanted to tell the story from the perspective of a future homeowner and capture their anticipation when waiting for a tiny seed to grow into a blossoming tree. The maturation of the tree reflects Hirzenpark and its future community growing and strengthening.

By watching our one-minute architectural animation you can follow the seedling sprouting in a small pot in one of the apartments becoming a healthy tree in the parks’ garden surrounded by future citizens.


Uzwil, Switzerland


Imagina Visual Collaboration


Péter Kollár
Dániel Oláh


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