Costa Verde

Exclusive Multi-Family Residence Near the Swiss Alps

When you have a family home right next to the Alps with a forest as a backyard, a lake at arm’s reach, and a balcony overlooking the city below the site, there’s not much else you could ask for. We had the honor to showcase such a residential building, the Costa Verde project in the small town of Magglingen, Switzerland.  

Built with the highest standards available in architecture and construction it aims to provide families with the perfect home that combines first-class suburban living with the closeness of real nature for a truly unique dwelling. 

Its minimalist style not only references Swiss charm and design sensibilities but helps the building blend into the environment, creating an atmosphere that emphasizes the surroundings while providing comfort for families big and small.

With the expertise our studio has in 3D visualization and architectural animation, it’s only natural that we aim to go all out on all the projects we tackle. But this experience also helps us see when a paired back style works better for an animation. Such was the case here: the minimalistic design philosophy of this multi-family residential building called for some restraint on our side that would complement it better. 

In our short movie, we used slow camera movements and smooth transitions paired with wide-angle shots to showcase the splendor of the exterior; and close-up shots that could bring attention to the fine details and high-end finishes of the interiors. 

We also put special emphasis on the shared atrium space this project has to let potential buyers know just how prevalent the natural aspect of their future home is.  

We’ve also created a handful of still renders for this project, following the same type of aesthetics, providing clear looks at the luxurious interiors filled with plenty of natural light, and the exteriors with the vast green landscape as a backdrop.


Magglingen, Switzerland

Project Manager

Dorottya Tóth



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