Rives Ardentes

A Belgian development set to bring new homes to a fast-growing eco-district in Liège

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and to a further extent, of Europe, too. An hour away by train, Liége is a more relaxed place located along the Meuse River, not far from the borders with the Netherlands. 

Brussels may be the heart of the EU, but Liége is still the economic and cultural center of the region. 

Join us as we drop anchor at the Coronmeuse site in Liège—and dive into the new Belgian eco-district development by the Neo Legia SA consortium.

As more and more cities are realizing that eliminating cars from their streets makes people happier and healthier, developers are beginning to rethink where cars can be used. Public transportation, foot traffic and safe bicycle roads are becoming the priority as streets are being redesigned.

‘Rives Ardentes’, a unique large-scale project is deliberately following this new path, it is willing to provide a better, sustainable life and new single-family homes and apartments in Liége.

Described as an innovative, low-traffic and eco-friendly neighborhood, the masterplan—designed by BUUR—features a modern, car-free environment along the waterfront.

Neo Legia came to us with a detailed brief to create a flagship animation and thirty-two interior and exterior renderings for the project to help the client’s real estate marketing team. The concept of this beautiful animation is the result of our close cooperation. Growing flowers, classical opening with a sunrise that is later turning into a sunset—we would definitely imagine these pictures when we were about to choose our next home.

Working with our partners directly was a blast, they gave us space to experiment with GrowFX for the first time in our studio, that just made Tina’s animation debut more memorable.

PS. ZOA girls rock!


Liége, Belgium


Neo Legia SA


Róbert Andrékó
Hajnalka Mühl
Botond Sass
Krisztina Sárdi


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