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WOMO Architects Designs New Tech Campus in San Diego

San Diego is the second most populous city in the state of California, almost brushing the Mexican border, making it a cultural juncture that’s taking pride in celebrating its differences and diversity. That’s precisely why working on our latest project hand-in-hand with WOMO Architects brought pure joy to our multicultural architectural rendering studio.

Like most metropolises, San Diego embraces a variety of neighbourhoods, from lovely beach towns through historical parts to high-tech downtown business areas.

The breathtaking, newly designed Loop campus will serve as a fancy new headquarter to a large tech company and is enhanced by green roof terraces with an iconic facade pattern all to be built right next to an open-air shopping mall, Westfield UTC.

If you look behind the retail shop you will find this dynamic, picturesque design inspired by an endless loop, that ripples, rising and falling all around the building whilst the vertical timber panels are to artfully disrupt the horizontality of the building and stimulate a dynamic flow onto the streetscape.

Our passion is to create beautiful atmospheres regardless of the time pressure and to help our partners visualize their architectural designs in detail, including aerials and eye-level renderings like these images.

We’ve worked with many of the largest architect firms but the Amsterdam based studio, WOMO, is very special to us. Take a look at The Loop and stay tuned for another upcoming WOMO x ZOA Studio project in the near future.


San Diego, United States



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Botond Sass
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