Luštica Bay

A New Expat Haven Emerges on the Shores of Montenegro

In the past, we’ve taken on countless luxury projects that aimed to establish a whole new neighborhood by renovating a brownfield site or setting up a marina in the place of an underdeveloped seaside. However, Luštica Bay ups the ante for us and the real estate market as well. Our client’s vision is to build a whole town in one of the up-and-coming locations of the Balkans, Montenegro. 

With a high-end golfing course set to be built on hilltops next to the Adriatic Coast, this ambitious development targets affluent families looking to practice their favorite hobby all year round, a second home to vacation at, or simply to make a great investment that creates long-term value throughout multiple generations.

That said, Luštica Bay is so much more than a set of golf-side residencies. Consisting of multiple distinct parts and areas, it is truly a bay in every sense of the term, covering a large coastline and surrounding hills on 690 hectares. To properly showcase the largest residential and tourism development the area has ever seen, we had to be really thorough in what we wanted to encapsulate with our images.    

To introduce potential buyers and investors to the project, we’ve created an immense visualization pack of 41 images across multiple rounds to showcase all of the 3 expansive residential neighborhoods complete with amenities and even hotels. We’ve also created an animation for the most exciting area of all, the luxury residencies up the hill to truly wow our audience.

From waterfront and downtown houses built to fit seamlessly into nature to the golf course overlooking the sea, we’ve given it our all so that our client could use this set of dazzling images for their large-scale social media and PR campaign. 

Selling the dream of a new paradise in unspoiled land is a risky investment to make for any developer, so it helps if you partner up with a trustworthy partner capable of giving shape to this lofty dream thus ultimately establishing its credibility.

Looking at our renders and the campaign assets that were built around them, it seems clear that this vision of a secluded haven is well-communicated to the target audience. And possibly beyond, seeing we would love to move here permanently. 


Kotor, Montenegro

Project manager

Petra Ország


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