Mitt Hillevåg

Beautiful Scandinavian Residential Provides 350 New Homes To Stavanger

Quality and beauty come in all shapes and sizes. Our most recent project for Ensign is a perfect example for this theory.

Come and take a look at these beautiful visualizations, the picturesque surroundings, and experience the lovely stories behind them.

Head us to Norway’s third largest city, Stavanger, to discover the extraordinary ‘Mitt Hillevåg’ residential, providing 352 new cosy homes to add variety and quality to this once-understated place.

The good-looking development is one of the best places to live and invest in the country thanks to its sunny location and the remarkable view to the sea.

If this wasn’t convincing enough, there is a 10-acre park and a tip-top transportation hub nearby where you can find city bikes, bus stops, electric car charging systems and other mobility features. 

There is an old, undoubted bond between motion pictures and music. But this time we wanted to spice things up a bit even more in our animation, so besides paying special attention to choosing the most suitable music, we also featured a beautiful Norwegian poem to encourage people to take a break from their routine when it comes to searching for a new home in Norway.

Discover this wonderful place and watch how our talented artist mixed classical music and poetry with contemporary architecture and animation techniques. 



Stavanger, Norway



Péter Kollár
Samer Saniour
Bernadett Madudák
Balázs Balogh


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